line spacing option and Tables

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line spacing option and Tables

Postby venkat » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:10 am

Hi Team,

This is a Great software!!! I tried many other note-taking softwares which are not as good as Knote.

But I really would appreciate the possibility to add "Line spacing option to add more space between lines in the editor".

I'm trying to copy some Non-English (Telugu - Indian Language) text in new note, but I see that it is not showing the text correctly due to line spacing issue between the lines. I also observed with other editors that if we can use line spacing 1.5, there is no problem and it is perfectly fine. So, I've to copy text in the other editor where I've option to set line spaceing to 1.5 and then again copy & paste it in Knote which little annoying. My another observation is with inserting tables - it is not so flexible for inserting tables and working with them if we compare with other editors available.

Do you have any plans in releasing new version of this product with new features?

I believe if we have more formatting options with this editor, this product would be of great help with Non-English languages.

Thank you in advance.

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